Accidental or Occidental?

Posted By on October 17, 2006

Picture if you will, a six month old who already seems to be exhibiting left-handedness. This morning I ate breakfast at the coffee table, which Gracie can reach. (The kid already has been crawling and standing for a month, so she spends a lot of time reaching for things on the coffee table.)

Now picture said infant reaching for Mommy’s bowl and grabbing the fork with the same hand she’s been using for everything else this month. She picks up the fork by the handle, and much like a toddler carefully brings the business end of the fork to her mouth and sucks mashed potatoes off of it. She puts the fork back into the bowl, rubs it around a little, and brings it back to her mouth.

Six months old and standing at a table eating from a bowl with a fork. I worry about what she’ll be into in a year!

I have a feeling there will be more habanero incidents in the future.


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