Update on Prayer Requests

Posted By on February 2, 2007

The important one, for Mary Claire: I haven’t forgotten to fill you all in, and I am grateful for all of your prayers. The truth is, we haven’t got any news yet. Evidently she did have surgery, and they removed as much of the tumor as they were able; but the tumor has entered the spinal cord, and they were unable to remove that part. She is receiving chemotherapy and radiation, and I do not yet know if either of these is helping. From what I hear, worst case prognosis is death, and best case prognosis is recovery with lifelong incontinence and possible paralysis. She still needs prayers, and so does her family.

The less important one, the “mysterious” one I posted before it: we were in a very deep financial bind that was beginning to seem insurmountable. It was beginning to look like we might lose our house. Today I learned that the situation causing our hardship has been corrected, and we should be able to begin to catch up on bills soon.

Prayer DOES work. Thank you. Thank you very much.


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