Faith moves mountains again

Posted By on June 15, 2007

This time it was the mountain of my own hardness. I owe a debt to BusyBeeMama for inspiring me. With all the hormones raging, with the depression issues only mostly under control, I find myself self-pitying sometimes. I’ve recently rehashed in my mind hurts that I received one and two years ago; I’ve looked at my situation in my town and parish, and wondered why I’m here, and if I’ve made any progress at all in making this my home. And then I found Busy Bee Mama, whose blog shows one post after another of the kind of strength, faith, and grace I want to emulate.

I am grateful to this person I do not know. I doubt she realizes how her faith spreads healing, even among strangers.


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  1. As a previous sufferer from Depression I know how debilitiating it can be. Fortunately for me my period of illness was relatively short (several years) and I was fortunate to emerge from it in more or less one piece. Most important factor for me – the help of family and friends. God knows how someone alone would cope…!

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