Do you think the Church needs a spleen?

| November 8, 2006

Shannon, musing over her best bet for non-monetary tithing. In the end, she decided to babysit the tykes while I go to CCD this evening.

Mary, Martha, and Erma

| November 3, 2006

I’m convinced that Mary and Martha in the Bible must have had another sister; or if they didn’t, they should have. Erma. Martha is the efficient one. Suzy Homemaker, if you will. She cleans, she cooks, and she probably chastises Mary for forgetting to bring her dishes to the sink. Then there’s Mary, the gauzy-eyed […]

Spam Zen

| October 30, 2006

aka The You’re-Scaring-Me meme. My charming and patient husband has tagged me with a new meme, in which the goal is to choose filler material from a spam and wax philosophic. Or sophomoric. I’m not sure one can really tell the difference. Do it, daddy-o, do it. Ive got the gilt. At first glance, one […]

David Nathan

| April 3, 2004

I guess you gotta be careful whom you believe on April Fools Day, and whom you let have your blog password! Dear, sweet hubbie… loveable yet unmanageable prankster… was delighted that our David Nathan was born on April Fools Day. So excited, in fact, that he began calling family members while I slept after childbirth. […]

He’s Here!

| April 1, 2004

Born after 33 hours of labor, at 12:45 this afternoon. After wrangling for weeks over names, we finally settled on David Jessica. He was 20 inches and weighed 14 lb. 8 oz. Should have been named “Ouch!” Thanks for the prayers!