In case you wonder… the title of this blog (and now site) came from an old joke between my Charming and Patient Husband and a friend of his, back when we were still dating. He told his friend that I was a Secular Carmelite, and the friend henceforth referred to me as Joel’s “Hot Carmel Sundae.”  Never one to let a good joke slip by, I adopted it. Now definitively professed since December 20, 2008, I finally feel entitled to the name, and to have a site using the name.

I am a wife of 12 years, a mother of 8, a “cradle Catholic,” and a hapless practical joker.  More recently, I am an art-crazed madwoman who spends her days inflicting her scratchings on a helpless family. Pity them; they need you to share the burden of my ramblings. I am also just egotistical enough to love comments, so I needed a blog to get them. Comment away!

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  1. Lina says:

    Your blog is a source of inspiration. Thanks. 🙂

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