Ten Cents Worth

| September 9, 2009

1. The most important words in the English language are please, thanks, and sorry. If you can learn to use them regularly, your life will go more smoothly, you’ll have less need to make excuses, and people will like you better. Use them, and mean them. 2. Christians: when sharing your faith, ask yourself what […]

Everydae is Sundae

| October 31, 2008

Or it will be, soon. My apologies to the two or three readers who have glanced at both blogs, but I’m about to begin the process of shutting down Carmel Everydae and moving its contents gradually over here. The reason? I didn’t have the energy to keep up two blogs and actually try to get […]

Arte y Pico

| August 21, 2008

I don’t see it, I’ll start by saying that; but it’s awfully flattering. Sharon at The Bird’s Nest awarded me with the Arte y Pico award. Flattering, especially, because I am so inspired by her posts so frequently. (She probably doesn’t realize this, because more often than not I have my hands full of baby […]

Calling Light Bloggers

| April 18, 2008

I had this idea I thought I’d share. Do you who blog ever feel like it’s a little bit solitary? I know I do. Sometimes I wish I had a more interactive experience in the blogosphere. I see others sharing a sense of community, and occasionally I feel left out; and I don’t have time, […]