Permanent Marker on Computer Monitor December 18, 2008

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What do you do when you realize that a Monkeytot has written on your LCD (or other kind of) screen with permanent marker? You ask Artgal. And Artgal promptly tells you to use a dry erase marker to clean it. And it works.

One caution: use Heloise’s advice, and wipe into the mark, not out from. If you wipe across your mark, it will smudge the dry erase ink and need more cleaning.


Occam’s Razor Meets iTunes August 12, 2008

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I’ve had these ridiculous intermittent problems trying to burn CDs from iTunes. I had entirely different issues with other software, so I really wanted to get iTunes working correctly; but every time I tried to burn a CD, I got this message:

The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4280)

I went a long time without bothering to try to burn a CD, because it got so frustrating; but finally, my desire for a longer playlist overrode my frustration, and I sat down determined to find the problem and make every possible effort to fix it. After more attempts in the past than I can remember, I practically stumbled over what appears to be the solution.

I went to the help menu and choose diagnostics. From there, I chose CD diagnostics. I ran it, and read the resulting text. One little thing caught my eye: it only listed four burn speeds that my burner is set to burn. I’ve heard of trying to burn too fast, but evidently I was trying to burn too slow (in an attempt to get a burn that my boombox could read). I found the lowest speed that my burner can burn that iTunes also has a setting for, and selected that speed. Now everything is working.

Sometimes the simplest solution really is the best one.