Please Don’t Promise Me a Cheap Fling

| February 18, 2010

Brittany Rotating Corpse found a gem of a Hallmark book-card. It’s from the 70’s, a fact that becomes obvious both by the cheesy mustache and the thoughts expressed. It’s title? Please Don’t Promise Me Forever. Evidently it stood for all the deepest thoughts of the post-sexual revolution era. Commitment only dampens love, and as long […]

I’m a Little Angry… or Maybe it’s a Power Surge

| March 23, 2009

You know how we keep hearing that sex ed is really health education, right? They say that Planned Parenthood is about educating young people about their bodies because those mean Christians would keep them in the dark. It isn’t really about promoting sexual abandon, it’s just about letting them have enough information to make their […]

Grinding One’s Axe on the Child

| March 3, 2008

That’s what I strongly believe is going on with the child mentioned here. Specifically, a second grader has announced that he’s transgendered, with his family’s support, and the school is obliged to support him in the decision. So, where does an eight year old get a word like “transgender”? Where does a child that age […]

Who’s Really Benefitting?

| January 23, 2007

Dawn Eden, in her usual delight of words writes a brief exposition of the lyrics of a song, in “From Bed to Verse.” I highly recommend the read. In it, she describes a feminist discussion about the meaning of the song, being the way men use women. Dawn describes the ache of sleeping with a […]

This time, conservatives want the state to get out of their bedrooms.

| February 10, 2004

Usually it is the Democrats who cry out over government intrusion into the bedroom. But some democrats, like Washington state representative Maralyn Chase, favor privacy only for liberal causes. The “Two or Fewer” bill she proposed upholds the Democratic and liberal perspective, so that invasion of privacy doesn’t count as a genuine invasion. The truth […]