Ten Cents Worth

| September 9, 2009

1. The most important words in the English language are please, thanks, and sorry. If you can learn to use them regularly, your life will go more smoothly, you’ll have less need to make excuses, and people will like you better. Use them, and mean them. 2. Christians: when sharing your faith, ask yourself what […]

Book Facts Meme

| November 23, 2008

The woman known to My Charming and Patient Husband and myself as Aunt Betsy, and to most of the Blogosphere as Ms. Kitty tagged us both with this one. As usual, nobody but nobody is faster to jump on a book subject than Joel … I think he may be considering legally adding “Bookworm” as […]

Arte y Pico

| August 21, 2008

I don’t see it, I’ll start by saying that; but it’s awfully flattering. Sharon at The Bird’s Nest awarded me with the Arte y Pico award. Flattering, especially, because I am so inspired by her posts so frequently. (She probably doesn’t realize this, because more often than not I have my hands full of baby […]

Simple Woman Daybook

| August 15, 2008

For August 15, 2008 I’ve seen these several places, and decided to look into it. Here‘s where it began, and I rather like the idea. Please feel free, readers, to join in. Outside My Window… A riot of pumpkin plants. I didn’t actually plant them, but they grew from compost; now we have most of […]

10 Things that Keep Me Going

| June 10, 2008

10. Guilt. I’m the master of it, and there’s nobody I give it to more than myself. I must go on, because I feel guilty about all the things undone. 9. Sheer stubbornness. I do not give up easily. 8. Coffee. There’s something reassuring about old routines, and I’ve always kind of associated coffee with […]

Today, 8 is the magic number.

| December 6, 2007

I found a self-tagging meme at A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, and decided to tag myself. The Meme is 8 Random Facts Meme, and here’s the obligatory quote about it. .. Here’s what you do:~ Each person starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves and post these guidelines.~ At the end of the post, choose […]

The Man Meme

| October 17, 2007

Hijacked from Christine at Domestic Vocation. 1. Who is your man? Joel 2. How long have you been together? We’ve been married almost 5 years (December 30) 3. How long did you date? 1 year 9 1/2 months 4. How old is your man? 39 5. Who eats more? Usually me, the knocked up one. […]

Nice Matters

| September 30, 2007

Sharon at The Bird’s Nest nominated me for the Nice Matters Award. (Thank you, Sharon. This is the first time I’ve gotten anything like that, and you made my day.) I’m sorry for taking so long to respond; I was afraid that all the people I’d think of would already have gotten nominated, so I […]

Book Meme

| August 20, 2007

Joel tagged whoever, so I took it. What are you reading right now?Don’t Know Much about History, Schindler’s List, The Well-Trained Mind. Just finished Madeleine Takes Command today. Do you have any idea what you’ll read when you’re done with that?My Charming and Patient Husband would like me to read Peter Beagle’s A Fine and […]

Things or people that don’t bother me

| July 5, 2007

I picked this one up at Housewife in Flip Flops. Everyone can list what bothers them; here’s what I can shrug over. 1. Buying clothes at thrift stores. Honestly, I’d feel guilty paying full price very often. 2. Dinner for breakfast. We run out of cereal all the time, but that’s ok; isn’t there some […]