Six Ways to Build Community in Your Parish

| November 6, 2009

We’re outgrowing our church … and it’s all Fr. Felipe’s fault. Well, not fault. Credit. The fact is, we’ve had our pastor only a short time but he’s awakened so much of the parish. Since he got here, we’ve had a phenomenal adult retreat, several great retreats for teens, small faith communities forming, numerous Bible […]

Ten Cents Worth

| September 9, 2009

1. The most important words in the English language are please, thanks, and sorry. If you can learn to use them regularly, your life will go more smoothly, you’ll have less need to make excuses, and people will like you better. Use them, and mean them. 2. Christians: when sharing your faith, ask yourself what […]

What Do Teresa of Calcutta and Francis of Assisi Have in Common?

| May 24, 2007

I am reading a book called Mother Teresa: A Simple Path. I’m not very far into it yet; actually, only still in the introduction. Yet something struck me as I read one passage, which referred to St. Francis as a Church reformer. The passage called him “revolutionary” and “progressive.” And it pointed out the fruits […]

The Danger of Sola Doctrina

| August 7, 2005

The Biblical and theological argument that many Catholics hear most is that of Sola Fide, Faith Alone. The argument goes that we are saved by faith alone, and anyone who doesn’t believe that is not saved. I will leave aside for the moment, the fact that the word “alone” was added by Luther and was […]

Unlocking Many Doors

| July 29, 2004

Yesterday I talked about what motivates Catholics to evangelize, and how the different backgrounds of converts and cradle Catholics sometimes lead to differing approaches to the whole subject of evangelization. In that post, I spoke primarily of apologetics. Today, I want to draw attention to other forms of evangelization that are too easy, sometimes, to […]