The Allure of Magazines: A dozen quality reads March 18, 2010

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Today I got a reminder that it’s time to resubscribe to Allure Magazine, along with the current issue. The only problem with that is that I am not a subscriber. In fact, this is the first time that particular magazine has ever crossed my threshold. Now, I don’t know much about t he magazine, so I’m in no position to put it down too harshly, but … how can I say it? It’s a beauty magazine, and I don’t really buy beauty magazines. Unless you’re talking about how to make a garden beautiful. Then you’ve got my attention. If I were going to subscribe to a new magazine, I can think of a dozen that I’d rather get.

  1. Envoy
  2. Carmelite Digest
  3. Reader’s Digest (Or even better, the French Edition)
  4. Sunset
  5. Popular Science
  6. Better Homes and Gardens
  7. FamilyFun
  8. Prevention
  9. National Geographic
  10. Analog Science Fiction & Fact (which would, of course, be handed straight over to my Charming and Patient Husband)
  11. The Tightwad Gazette
  12. Magnificat

Nothing against beauty magazines, but they just aren’t my thing. And why they thought I’d “renew” a magazine I never subscribed to in the first place is beyond me. A nice meander through the world of National Geographic sounds so very much more interesting.


Inquiring Young Minds Want to Know March 10, 2010

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Hyperlad is one of the most inquisitive five-almost-six year olds I’ve ever known. He asks some very interesting questions, so I thought I’d answer a set of them right here.

  1. Yes, everyone dies.
  2. That’s right, you won’t get hurt in heaven.
  3. God makes them, with help from Mommy and Daddy.
  4. No, I don’t really want to tell you that part right now.
  5. It’s called decomposition.
  6. No, your new heavenly body will not be made of metal.
  7. Just don’t worry about how babies get there for now, ok?
  8. No, I’m not dying yet. It will be a long time from now.
  9. Would you please stop asking how babies get there? I”ll tell you later.
  10. Yes, that’s right, worms eat it.
  11. Yes, that’s right, they do poop it out and make better soil.
  12. Yes, you may have oatmeal for breakfast.

All of which leads me to a question of my own: just what do they teach on PBS Kids?


St. Anthony to the Rescue October 2, 2009

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My Charming and Patient Husband has to carry a cell phone for his second job, driving dialysis patients to their appointments. Unfortunately, a month ago he lost the cell phone and we’ve struggled to find it, to no avail. This week, there were hints of threat from the boss regarding his finding it; it really is necessary, in case he gets a cancellation, or an extra client to drive.

Why didn’t I call on one of my favorite saints sooner? (I think sometimes it’s like I’m afraid I’m bothering him.)

I asked for his help, and then I looked in my e-mail. This seems to be a favorite way of his to give me help. Well, there was a notification that my niece had tagged me in a picture. I checked it, and it was a cartoony picture of an avatar of each of us, dancing together. Hers was wearing a Sailor-Moon-type costume.

I went to Drama Queen, and said “Do you know where there’s anything Sailor Moon related?’ “Well, Artgal has a sailor moon t-shirt in the dirty clothes,” she said.

Recently we had to clear out the laundry room to get to an electrical panel, and we had bagged up our laundry and put it on a couch that we weren’t using.  I dug through the pockets of all the pants. Then Hubbie looked in the cushions of that couch. Voila, there it was.

It could almost be a coincidence, if St. Anthony didn’t help in this same way so often. Almost.

Thank you, Dear Friend.


Absent with Leave September 30, 2009

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(or at least an excuse.)

I’m sorry, gentle reader, for my neglect. You see, we have recently undergone a certain life change in our home. To be more accurate, I’m the one who has changed status, from SAHM to student. I’ve gone back to school to study for a Master-In-Teaching degree.

It’s all rather exciting, daunting, and disconcerting… all at once. It’s exciting because I’m enjoying my courses, fellow students (actually they call us a cohort) and the prospect of a career. I’ve always believed I had a gift for teaching, and right now I’m feeling called. I believe God is leading me this direction.

Which leads to the daunting aspect. The fact is that I’ve been a homeschooler and stay at home mom for so many years (17 as a homeschooler, 20 as a stay at home mom) that the idea of trading it all in feels like a betrayal. I’ve always said I respect people for making a choice about what’s best for their children, whether that choice is school, homeschool, or some other option. Yet when I am “crossing the line” I feel like I’m losing my identity and betraying those I’ve felt a kinship with in the past. I have to just breathe deeply, ask for guidance, and recommit myself to doing what I believe God wants of me at this point in my life, and not let my own self image interfere.

Do I still identify with homeschoolers? Yes. I still think of myself that way, and in fact I still have a daughter studying at home via an online public school program. And I have a son in kindergarten at the local school, because in his case there is little doubt in my mind that he needs it. Nobody has given me a hard time about going back to school to become a teacher; in fact, I’ve gotten nothing but support and positive words from everyone I know. Still, I feel weird about the whole thing.

The weirdest part is that I find myself identifying with teachers,, and classrooms, and classroom management, and all those things that really had an “otherness” feel about them before. I never thought teachers were the enemy, so why do I feel like a traitor?

I know this change of perspective is necessary if I am to succeed as a teacher. I need to think about things like a less individualized curriculum, and large group discipline, and seating arrangements and desks and notes home. Somehow, though, it feels like I’m leaving something behind. So it’s exciting, yes; but also bittersweet.

I imagine that the tone of my blog will change as I make this transition from housewife to student to new teacher to career person. I don’t think I’m changing tremendously, but I’m sure going to find myself in new circumstances, and responding to them. I pray that none of this will distract me from my truest calling, to know, love, and serve God in this world, preparing to be happy with Him in the next.

I invite you to go on this journey with me. I’m going to need the prayers.


Note to hyperlad July 25, 2009

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I can’t think of any circumstance under which one should wear a toilet seat on one’s head. The fact that you say you “can’t believe it!” doesn’t really change that.


A Curtain Climber by Any Other Name April 20, 2009

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I’ve been thinking about names for Curtain Climber, and have wondered if we should come up with a new name for him. So far, we’ve thought of:

  • Rocker Climber
  • Counter Climber
  • Table Climber
  • Cabinet Climber
  • Computer Monitor Climber
  • Television Climber
  • Mom Climber

All in all, I’m not convinced any other name would make much of a difference. The funny thing is, the curtains are about the only thing he hasn’t climbed. But to make up for it, he occasionally makes me climb the walls.

Ah, motherhood: it’s not a job, it’s a vocation. It has to be… a job would be too easy to quit!

Have a happy week, all!


Football Is My Life March 20, 2009

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No, not really. Actually, that’s a phrase that just conjures up old memories. When my nephew was first learning to talk, his dad decided that his first sentence would be “Football is my life.” I don’t know if it actually was or not (though I somewhat doubt it.)

But the fact is, football is most emphatically not my life. Poop is. Some people are called to be great philosophers. Some are called to be the best classroom mom. I’m called to poop patrol. I’m called to clean poop off of walls, out of carpets, and even to cut it out of hair. I don’t know why, but this is the life God has called me to, so He must have a reason. And I know I can’t leave the poop in Monkeytot’s hair, no matter what demon possessed her to put it there; so I clean it. And whether I have a good attitude or a bad attitude, it still needs cleaned.

Would I love to be called to be a great writer, or an influential public figure? You betcha. Would I love to be one of those people who inspires others by having a perfect family and a house that smells like apple pie? You know it. But for some perverse reason, God deigned that my place in the world should involve excrement. And He knows best.

So I guess I’d better learn to give to Him with joy and love, even when He asks something I’d really prefer not to give. He’s the boss… if He wants it, He gets it. I really don’t care for the alternative.

So, Monkeytot, though you can’t yet read, I think I’ll take this moment to tell you that I love you. I really wish you’d leave the droppings in the diaper, but even that won’t stop me from loving you. And despite this phase (which, God willing, will pass) I still love the One who made you, too.


Heard around the house January 10, 2009

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Hypertot: Daddy, Daddy! Curtain Climber’s on the table!
Daddy: Ok, I’m coming.
Hypertot: No, it’s not ok! Curtain Climber’s on the table!

Ah, the little literalist.


Update on Curtain Climber January 6, 2009

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He’s doing well, healing remarkably quickly. He doesn’t act like he’s in pain except occasionally. Thank you all for the prayers. I know that they have helped a LOT.


Prayers for Curtain Climber January 3, 2009

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Please pray for our Curtain Climber (aka Hot Stuff). He just spent the afternoon in the emergency room after grabbing a mug of hot cocoa and spilling it down his front. He’s not in any danger, except for infection, but he has a lot of pain from second degree burns. He’s currently sleeping through morphine, but he’s going to have some suffering over the next few days. So please pray for him, that his pain won’t be unbearable, and that he’ll heal extra fast. This is no way for him to ring in his new year or approach his first birthday. Thanks.