St. Anthony to the Rescue

Posted By on October 2, 2009

My Charming and Patient Husband has to carry a cell phone for his second job, driving dialysis patients to their appointments. Unfortunately, a month ago he lost the cell phone and we’ve struggled to find it, to no avail. This week, there were hints of threat from the boss regarding his finding it; it really is necessary, in case he gets a cancellation, or an extra client to drive.

Why didn’t I call on one of my favorite saints sooner? (I think sometimes it’s like I’m afraid I’m bothering him.)

I asked for his help, and then I looked in my e-mail. This seems to be a favorite way of his to give me help. Well, there was a notification that my niece had tagged me in a picture. I checked it, and it was a cartoony picture of an avatar of each of us, dancing together. Hers was wearing a Sailor-Moon-type costume.

I went to Drama Queen, and said “Do you know where there’s anything Sailor Moon related?’ “Well, Artgal has a sailor moon t-shirt in the dirty clothes,” she said.

Recently we had to clear out the laundry room to get to an electrical panel, and we had bagged up our laundry and put it on a couch that we weren’t using.  I dug through the pockets of all the pants. Then Hubbie looked in the cushions of that couch. Voila, there it was.

It could almost be a coincidence, if St. Anthony didn’t help in this same way so often. Almost.

Thank you, Dear Friend.


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