Offshore Oil September 19, 2008

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A word of explanation about my view. Yes, I want to see the development of alternative energy sources. I dearly want to see solar, electric, hybrid, and other sources explored. But those take time; and Nancy Pelosi has stated that she intends to keep prices of oil high deliberately in order to force the development of other energy sources. These measures cannot work to make any real difference, though, because they only harm the poor. The wealthy can afford gas. The middle and low income cannot, and it is they whose house payments depend on being able to afford the tank of gas to drive to work. These punitive methods espoused by Pelosi and her supporters only harm the poor, who are having the hardest time already in this difficult economy. It is rarely the poor who make policy, however. Pelosi herself can undoubtedly afford an alternative energy car. But can those who sell her groceries?

The Democratic party used to stand for compassion. I don’t think it does anymore.


Since the MSM only finds it funny when conservatives say things like this… September 7, 2008

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we’re left to spread it around ourselves.

Please share this!


I’ll be waiting to hear apologies to the Palins. September 1, 2008

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I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time. Even people who did not believe the rumors were very, very quick to spread them just the same. These same people often people who would call it “mean,” “uncharitable,” or “immature” if similar rumors were spread about a Democrat. Now it’s been announced that Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant, which of course makes it virtually impossible for her to be the mother of her 4 month old sibling.

The evidence was overwhelmingly against the rumors: legal documents, including birth certificates. Announcements of Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, the fact that the baby has Down Syndrome, which is much, much more likely in one’s 40’s than in one’s teens. The only evidence I’ve seen to the contrary is photos that show Sarah covered with bulky clothing, and the comment that no 44 year old with grown children would get pregnant. All of the speculation was spurious, yet those who knew it still spread the rumors.

Now that the rumors are known to be false, I don’t really anticipate any apologies from those mean-spirited people who spread them. I hope they prove me wrong.


Why Politics Makes Me Hurt August 24, 2008

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Many people today put their political labels on such a pedestal that even the “compassionate” learn to harden themselves and even the logical learn not to think for themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you are conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, if you let your political persuasion decide your views for you, then you have lost sight of your humanness, at least just a little bit.

Let me give two examples: abortion and the poor.

First, let’s examine poverty issues. While I do not think either of the major parties has come up with adequate ideas for how to help the poor, I think the Republican party often forgets to be compassionate. Not having a solution is quite different from not giving a damn because you think they somehow deserve it. And anyone who doesn’t want the government to be part of the solution had better be doing something on a private citizen level to help, or he or she is a hypocrite of the most selfish kind.

Now what about abortion? The Democratic party makes such a dogma of it that its members frequently feel that being pro-choice is the litmus test for being a good liberal. Let’s put that litmus test to the test. Again, while I do not think either of the major parties has come up with adequate ideas for how to ensure women’s full rights, I think the Democratic party has forgotten the very concept of compassion in naming the right to kill a positive step. The Democratic nominee for president has gone so far as to put himself on record — by legal vote — as opposing the right of a born baby to remain alive. Even if you believe that a person does not gain legal personhood until birth, and that until then the baby is merely part of the mother’s body, the mother is free to walk away once that baby is outside her body; how is killing him after the fact going to affect her right not to be pregnant? How does the death of a born child help the unpregnant birth mother?

I know that few Republicans are going to read this post and say “Oh, man! Now I realize that I can’t stay Republican!” And Democrats are unlikely to say “Now I see that the Democratic party doesn’t represent my perspective after all!” I am not asking you to change your affiliation, or your self-image as a liberal or a conservative. But I am asking you to take a moment and ask yourself if the things you support are compassionate to all people involved. Nobody can hear your thoughts; you do not have to feel disloyal for asking the question. It is all right to ask; thinking people do stop and consider sometimes.

If you are to be truly human, ask yourself hard questions. Put aside the rhetoric of your people, no matter which “side” they are on, and just face the questions as though you were looking at them for the first time. Then ask yourself “What can I do to help my brothers and sisters to work toward a kinder world, even in the places where compassion and rhetoric disagree?”


Here’s a Campaign Promise I Can Believe July 9, 2008

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Obama promises not to be moderate or act on the needs of the majority of the country.


The Death of Inconvenience June 27, 2008

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Today I was greeted at the entrance to the store by a man seeking petition signatures to get items on the ballot. One of them was called “Death with dignity.” I cringe even thinking about what it means. “If you have any dignity, you’ll off yourself when you become inconvenient.”

If that sounds cynical, ask yourself what the message of abortion on demand is. Take a refresher course on the Michael Schiavo School of Disability Management. Let’s face it, those who are not 100% self-reliant are treated like parasites on society, no thought given to their past or future accomplishments, or to the fact that by the very fact of their life they have dignity.

So we call it “choice” and kill inconvenient babies. We call it “dignity” and hurry the elderly on their way. We call it “right to die,” and we decide for the disabled that they can’t really want to live. And we pat ourselves on the back for having brought ourselves to this advanced, modern, humanist way of thinking. We value humans so much that we convince ourselves that the ones who don’t have any value should be gone to help those who do have value to have a better human existence. Not only that, but we then go on to convince ourselves it’s a kindness we have done.

All of this reminds me of the quote attributed to Ben Franklin, that democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. We cannot truly call ourselves enlightened until we start caring about the needs of the sheep.


Grinding One’s Axe on the Child March 3, 2008

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That’s what I strongly believe is going on with the child mentioned here. Specifically, a second grader has announced that he’s transgendered, with his family’s support, and the school is obliged to support him in the decision.

So, where does an eight year old get a word like “transgender”? Where does a child that age get the concept that he isn’t really the person he sees in the mirror? Even if it were true, it isn’t an issue a second grader would be able to put into words.

That is, unless his parents jumped on the idea.

I could see a kid that age putting on Mommy’s high heels and traipsing around the house saying “I’m a woman!” I’ve seen younger kids than that do it, because every child toys with the idea of pretending to be various role models. Every child I’ve ever known, by age two, tries on both Mommy’s and Daddy’s shoes… and big brother’s, and aunt’s… and any big person in his life. That is how they explore the idea that they will be big one day themselves. So, when a second grader comes up with the idea that it isn’t fair that Sister has prettier clothes than he has, or wants to be just like Mommy when he grows up, it’s not terribly surprising.

What is surprising is a parent who is so eager to display his axe to grind that when Kiddo says “I wish I could wear dresses like Mommy does,” says “Woohoo, we have a transgender kid! Isn’t it great? Now we can make our point to the world!!”

So now a kid who had an appreciation for gingham is suddenly assigned a lifetime of wearing girl’s clothing and thinking daily about his own sexuality from this day forward. By age eleven, he will be deciding with whom to have sex. By age eighteen, he will likely commit suicide. The article doesn’t mention that: that the majority of transgender people commit suicide.

But it’s worth it, because it allows Mommy’s and Daddy’s soap box to be big and visible. Who gives a damn what it does to the child?

Anything for politics. Anything for politics. Anything for politics. Keep repeating that until you convince yourself that the child is less important than the issue.


Sickened January 28, 2008

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I’m just sickened when I read the news. One mother is accused of microwaving her baby. Another killed her toddler in a murder suicide as revenge on her ex husband. And there was the recent national news about Baby Grace, whose mother and stepfather tortured and killed her.

And I ache and feel nauseated over each one of these. I hear my tiny one cry, and it makes me go all mushy. I am outraged… and so are we all. But where is the outrage, hurt, nausea, over the millions of tiny ones deliberately and legally killed every year? How can we call ourselves compassionate if we put political theories on such a high pedestal that we no longer care whom they hurt?


The Religion of Peace Idolatry December 4, 2007

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They say they don’t worship any man. There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his name? Um, I mean prophet. Er, Prophet. Uh, I mean Prophet, peacebeuntohim. Or is that peace be unto Him?

They call upon the government to execute a person who allows her kid to name his teddy bear after a classmate because the classmate happens to be named Mohammed. If using lightly even the name of the prophet is a blasphemy, it sounds to me like a form of worship.

Perhaps these self-named monotheists ought to rethink their worship of their idol prophet.


RIP August 18, 2007

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