I’ll be waiting to hear apologies to the Palins.

Posted By on September 1, 2008

I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time. Even people who did not believe the rumors were very, very quick to spread them just the same. These same people often people who would call it “mean,” “uncharitable,” or “immature” if similar rumors were spread about a Democrat. Now it’s been announced that Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant, which of course makes it virtually impossible for her to be the mother of her 4 month old sibling.

The evidence was overwhelmingly against the rumors: legal documents, including birth certificates. Announcements of Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, the fact that the baby has Down Syndrome, which is much, much more likely in one’s 40’s than in one’s teens. The only evidence I’ve seen to the contrary is photos that show Sarah covered with bulky clothing, and the comment that no 44 year old with grown children would get pregnant. All of the speculation was spurious, yet those who knew it still spread the rumors.

Now that the rumors are known to be false, I don’t really anticipate any apologies from those mean-spirited people who spread them. I hope they prove me wrong.


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