Inquiring Young Minds Want to Know

| March 10, 2010

Hyperlad is one of the most inquisitive five-almost-six year olds I’ve ever known. He asks some very interesting questions, so I thought I’d answer a set of them right here. Yes, everyone dies. That’s right, you won’t get hurt in heaven. God makes them, with help from Mommy and Daddy. No, I don’t really want […]

Note to hyperlad

| July 25, 2009

I can’t think of any circumstance under which one should wear a toilet seat on one’s head. The fact that you say you “can’t believe it!” doesn’t really change that.

A Curtain Climber by Any Other Name

| April 20, 2009

I’ve been thinking about names for Curtain Climber, and have wondered if we should come up with a new name for him. So far, we’ve thought of: Rocker Climber Counter Climber Table Climber Cabinet Climber Computer Monitor Climber Television Climber Mom Climber All in all, I’m not convinced any other name would make much of […]

Note to Hypertot

| November 24, 2008

I don’t care how much you like or dislike bar soap. You can’t wash your hands with toothpaste.

Note to Monkeytot

| November 15, 2008

No, you can’t put a bandage in your nose, even if it is bleeding.

Note to Hypertot

| May 17, 2008

Honeybunch, you are indeed “allowed” to go to your room, and I suggest you go when told, regardless of your misconception. No, sending you there doesn’t make Daddy a bad person, nor a bank robber, as you so eloquently stated, and I seriously doubt he’s going to go to jail as a result. But nice […]

Note to Hypertot

| May 1, 2008

I think it’s great that you learned how to make your own peanut butter sandwiches; but do you think you could use a butter knife, instead of a plastic toy dagger?

How to Make Music Using Just a Hypertot for an Instrument

| February 8, 2007

Hum or whistle the first 9 notes of Duelling Banjos.Hypertots mimic.

Note to Hypertot

| January 16, 2007

While I’m pleased that your language skills are developing, I think you’re missing some basic concepts. “Will you open it?” is a well-constructed question, but I don’t think your brother will be able to help you open that fork, no matter how many times you ask.

Note to Hypertot

| October 20, 2006

We do not have actual green eggs and ham in the house. You cannot have them for breakfast.