Inquiring Young Minds Want to Know

Posted By on March 10, 2010

Hyperlad is one of the most inquisitive five-almost-six year olds I’ve ever known. He asks some very interesting questions, so I thought I’d answer a set of them right here.

  1. Yes, everyone dies.
  2. That’s right, you won’t get hurt in heaven.
  3. God makes them, with help from Mommy and Daddy.
  4. No, I don’t really want to tell you that part right now.
  5. It’s called decomposition.
  6. No, your new heavenly body will not be made of metal.
  7. Just don’t worry about how babies get there for now, ok?
  8. No, I’m not dying yet. It will be a long time from now.
  9. Would you please stop asking how babies get there? I”ll tell you later.
  10. Yes, that’s right, worms eat it.
  11. Yes, that’s right, they do poop it out and make better soil.
  12. Yes, you may have oatmeal for breakfast.

All of which leads me to a question of my own: just what do they teach on PBS Kids?


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  1. ROFL! All before breakfast!?

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