A Curtain Climber by Any Other Name

Posted By on April 20, 2009

I’ve been thinking about names for Curtain Climber, and have wondered if we should come up with a new name for him. So far, we’ve thought of:

  • Rocker Climber
  • Counter Climber
  • Table Climber
  • Cabinet Climber
  • Computer Monitor Climber
  • Television Climber
  • Mom Climber

All in all, I’m not convinced any other name would make much of a difference. The funny thing is, the curtains are about the only thing he hasn’t climbed. But to make up for it, he occasionally makes me climb the walls.

Ah, motherhood: it’s not a job, it’s a vocation. It has to be… a job would be too easy to quit!

Have a happy week, all!


2 Responses to “A Curtain Climber by Any Other Name”

  1. Covarr says:

    Yeah, “Television Climber” is about right. He keeps knocking over my Wii’s sensor bar every time he does that, which would really bother me if I played it all that often.

  2. “Monkey Child” might work. 😉

    I was a climber, which I think I got from my dad, who climbed up a dresser and jumped onto the chandelier in his room (old Bronx apt.) to remove the lights. He did this after getting out of his crib. (He was under three, I think.)

    Dad’s approach was to teach me to climb safely since he couldn’t stop me. ‘course, you need something to climb ON, too. Which is why when the third generation started climbing on everything, we bought a climbity thing for our back yard and let her loose out there. 😉

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