The Death of Inconvenience

Posted By on June 27, 2008

Today I was greeted at the entrance to the store by a man seeking petition signatures to get items on the ballot. One of them was called “Death with dignity.” I cringe even thinking about what it means. “If you have any dignity, you’ll off yourself when you become inconvenient.”

If that sounds cynical, ask yourself what the message of abortion on demand is. Take a refresher course on the Michael Schiavo School of Disability Management. Let’s face it, those who are not 100% self-reliant are treated like parasites on society, no thought given to their past or future accomplishments, or to the fact that by the very fact of their life they have dignity.

So we call it “choice” and kill inconvenient babies. We call it “dignity” and hurry the elderly on their way. We call it “right to die,” and we decide for the disabled that they can’t really want to live. And we pat ourselves on the back for having brought ourselves to this advanced, modern, humanist way of thinking. We value humans so much that we convince ourselves that the ones who don’t have any value should be gone to help those who do have value to have a better human existence. Not only that, but we then go on to convince ourselves it’s a kindness we have done.

All of this reminds me of the quote attributed to Ben Franklin, that democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner. We cannot truly call ourselves enlightened until we start caring about the needs of the sheep.


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