Offshore Oil

Posted By on September 19, 2008

A word of explanation about my view. Yes, I want to see the development of alternative energy sources. I dearly want to see solar, electric, hybrid, and other sources explored. But those take time; and Nancy Pelosi has stated that she intends to keep prices of oil high deliberately in order to force the development of other energy sources. These measures cannot work to make any real difference, though, because they only harm the poor. The wealthy can afford gas. The middle and low income cannot, and it is they whose house payments depend on being able to afford the tank of gas to drive to work. These punitive methods espoused by Pelosi and her supporters only harm the poor, who are having the hardest time already in this difficult economy. It is rarely the poor who make policy, however. Pelosi herself can undoubtedly afford an alternative energy car. But can those who sell her groceries?

The Democratic party used to stand for compassion. I don’t think it does anymore.


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