Things or people that don’t bother me

Posted By on July 5, 2007

I picked this one up at Housewife in Flip Flops. Everyone can list what bothers them; here’s what I can shrug over.

1. Buying clothes at thrift stores. Honestly, I’d feel guilty paying full price very often.

2. Dinner for breakfast. We run out of cereal all the time, but that’s ok; isn’t there some horseradishy stroganoff left from last night?

3. Drinking water.

4. Children singing, even off key.

5. My charming and patient husband‘s bawdy and bizarre sense of humor.

6. Being pregnant.

7. Going to meetings.

8. Having my door opened by my husband. In fact, I enjoy it.

9. Stacey said “Creation vs. Evolution. Seriously, so over it.” All I can do is quote and agree.

10. Catholic jokes, unless they’re mean spirited.

I’ve given up on tagging… just drop a note in the comment field if you tag yourself.


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