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Posted By on November 23, 2008

The woman known to My Charming and Patient Husband and myself as Aunt Betsy, and to most of the Blogosphere as Ms. Kitty tagged us both with this one. As usual, nobody but nobody is faster to jump on a book subject than Joel … I think he may be considering legally adding “Bookworm” as a second middle name.

So here’s the lagging wife with hers, under the directions to list seven random or weird book facts about myself.

  • I prefer biographies to most other kinds of writing. That doesn’t mean I don’t like others, but I just have a rather morbid fascination with bios. I used to think it was because I felt guilty reading fiction, but I’m beginning to realize that it just seems so much more interesting knowing that what I’m reading is true… or at least perceived as true by the author. Autobiographies are especially fun, because you can psychoanalyze the author as you read, and nobody really cares if you’re accurate about it or not.
  • Most books that I’ve actually finished started out on the back of the toilet. Once I’m about halfway through, I take it out of the bathroom to rush through the rest.
  • I’ve read Jane Eyre nine times. The first time, when I was in fifth grade, I got into the habit of lying at the foot of my bed after lights out so I could read by the light from the hallway. When I reached the end, I cried — not because it was sad, but because it was finished.
  • I share a birthday with Charles Dickens and Laura Ingalls Wilder, a fact that has always pleased me, since they are two of my favorites. (I also share with Saint Thomas More, but I haven’t read any of his writing yet.)
  • I collect composition books. I really can’t say exactly why, but I just love them. When I buy or open a new one, it feels like pure possibility. I love the ones with unique covers, and I enjoy decorating the regular marbled ones.
  • I love used books, because knowing that a book has been previously enjoyed seems like an “added value.”
  • My favorite Bible translation is RSV, partly because it is beautiful, and partly because it is recognized by both Catholics and Protestants. I also rarely admit to liking the NAB, which Joel refers to as “Nice And Bland.” But it’s easy to read and find things in, and sometimes easy is good.

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