Who’s Really Benefitting?

Posted By on January 23, 2007

Dawn Eden, in her usual delight of words writes a brief exposition of the lyrics of a song, in “From Bed to Verse.” I highly recommend the read.

In it, she describes a feminist discussion about the meaning of the song, being the way men use women. Dawn describes the ache of sleeping with a person when words of love have not been expressed. All I could think was how very sad… not that men are using women in such a way, but that today women are asking to be so used. It’s a “right” to be used and tossed. A right guaranteed by everyone from the abortion industry to many state governments.

I really cannot understand how people who purport to stand up for the “rights” of women can so highly recommend their emotional bruising and physical using as an expression of emancipation. If that’s freedom, I’ll pass.


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