Don’t stand too close to Rudy!

| June 12, 2007

I know, the video is everywhere by now… but worthily so. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll keep my distance from this man when he speaks!


| May 11, 2007

It occurs to me… Al Gore paid to offset his carbon footprint. With one more future saint on the way here, maybe he should pay us for offsetting his moral footprint.

The Positive Side of DNA Technology

| March 3, 2004

I’ve expounded, in the past, on the negative uses of DNA testing and manipulation: cloning, eugenics, abortion, and a general decrease in appreciation of individual humans. Today, though, we see a positive application of this same technological field in the news. A mother, Luz Cuevas, whose infant daughter had been kidnapped six years previously and […]

This time, conservatives want the state to get out of their bedrooms.

| February 10, 2004

Usually it is the Democrats who cry out over government intrusion into the bedroom. But some democrats, like Washington state representative Maralyn Chase, favor privacy only for liberal causes. The “Two or Fewer” bill she proposed upholds the Democratic and liberal perspective, so that invasion of privacy doesn’t count as a genuine invasion. The truth […]