Two Scenes

| July 10, 2008

Picture, if you will, two scenes. In the first, Jesus is invited to the home of a Pharisee, where a notorious sinner cries on his feet in repentence, wipes them with her hair, and anoints them with oil. The Pharisee says to himself, “If this man were a prophet, he would know who and what […]

10 Things that Keep Me Going

| June 10, 2008

10. Guilt. I’m the master of it, and there’s nobody I give it to more than myself. I must go on, because I feel guilty about all the things undone. 9. Sheer stubbornness. I do not give up easily. 8. Coffee. There’s something reassuring about old routines, and I’ve always kind of associated coffee with […]

Thought for the day

| June 2, 2008

Prayer should always be an act of love. If I pray self-righteously, I’m doing it wrong.

Thought for the day

| May 29, 2008

When you feel like the gopher the cat dragged in, stop and ask yourself: is there anything in your life that is not a blessing from God? Now stop laughing as you think about that thorn in your side, that that couldn’t possibly be from God, and remember Job’s words. The Lord gives, the Lord […]


| April 12, 2008

I admit, I went way too long without the sacrament. About 7 months, and for at least the last few, I needed it. You see, I was angry and lethargic, and it was hard at one point not to blame God. But that wasn’t the really rough part. You see, I got over the anger. […]

A reminder

| October 8, 2007

God doesn’t just love “people.”He loves YOU. He knows every fault and every fear, and He can’t get enough of you. God is love, but He is more than a concept of love. He is someone who loves you more than you ever, ever imagined.

Maybe this has something to do with being born again?

| March 25, 2007

It occurs to me that the womb is a precursor to life in the world as the earthly life is a precursor to eternal life. While in the womb, a baby has little idea what awaits him. He does not understand that the womb is not all there is, because it is all he has […]

The Positive Side of DNA Technology

| March 3, 2004

I’ve expounded, in the past, on the negative uses of DNA testing and manipulation: cloning, eugenics, abortion, and a general decrease in appreciation of individual humans. Today, though, we see a positive application of this same technological field in the news. A mother, Luz Cuevas, whose infant daughter had been kidnapped six years previously and […]

20 Reasons to Pray for Chaz

| February 5, 2004

In his pamphlet 20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity, Chaz Bufe devotes one chapter to each of the rants he has against Christianity. Most of his reasons for opposing Christianity are based on a faulty understanding of the faith; but a few show clear understanding of what Christianity teaches… in which case, his comments only hold […]