My Man

Posted By on March 26, 2006

This past month or two have been difficult. First, I was told by doctor and hospital staff to put my feet up, stop picking up our toddler, quit cooking dinner and cleaning, and rest a whole lot more. Then, I finally reached the point in the pregnancy where I was allowed to do things that might trigger labor, and the pain set in. I couldn’t bend, stand up straight, walk comfortably, or breathe upright for more than a few minutes at a time. All the while, I was experiencing the fatigue of anemia.

Enter Joel, the husband I always dreamed of. I knew he was a catch, long ago. But this pregnancy has really given the proof of it. He’s done all the cooking, almost all of the housework, and essentially everything that needs doing. All while working full time. Knowing that getting up is hard, who do you think got up with Davy when he was sick in the night? Who do you think stops at the store on the way home, and changes diapers because he knows I can’t get back up from the floor anymore?

Today he had to work, because he had an especially heavy workload , with upcoming deadlines. (Ah, the newspaper business.) But while he was away being missed, he posted something to his blog that made me mist up. Read it, and you’ll see exactly why I married him. He is so much more than I could describe here.


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