David Nathan

Posted By on April 3, 2004

I guess you gotta be careful whom you believe on April Fools Day, and whom you let have your blog password!

Dear, sweet hubbie… loveable yet unmanageable prankster… was delighted that our David Nathan was born on April Fools Day. So excited, in fact, that he began calling family members while I slept after childbirth. He told them that our 8 lb 12 oz boy was over 14 lbs, and that we’d given him the middle name Jessica. Most people were too polite to ask why on earth we’d choose a name like Jessica for a boy. My youngest sister asked outright, and after hearing his bogus explanation said “You are so full of it. It’s April Fools Day.” She had to reassure my family that no, I hadn’t given birth to a whale with a girl’s name.

And then he goes home for a shower, and posts to my blog.

But I wouldn’t trade ‘im for the world. I couldn’t handle life with a husband who lacked a sense of humor, and let’s face it: he makes good babies.

Thanks for the good wishes and prayers. We’re all doing well, and working at forgetting the 33 hours of labor. And Davy’s worth it.


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