A "Massive" List of Pet Peeves

Posted By on August 8, 2007

1. People who style their hair during Mass.
2. Bathing suit tops as clothing.
3. Beer slogans on shirts.
4. Smacking gum. (Oh, don’t get me started. No, pushing the gum to the side of your mouth to receive Holy Communion does not suffice. Ever heard of the Communion fast?)
5. Lectors in sweat pants.
6. 7 year olds who play handheld video games during the homily.
8. Gossipping in the Communion line.
9. People who won’t scoot toward the middle to let others fit into the pew.
10. Myself, when I let what’s going on in the pews around me seem more important to me than what’s going on at the Altar.


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