Are You Ready for a Credit Card?

Posted By on August 20, 2010

The lure of buying without paying can be heady. But not everyone is cut out for a credit card. Take this simple quiz to see if you are one of the few who is.

  1. Are you willing to pay $700 for a $300 vacation?
  2. Do you feel good about being beholden to people who despise you, over a long period of time?
  3. Do you feel that it’s right and fair that accounts get sold to people you never contracted to do business with?
  4. Are 8 AM threatening calls exciting to you?
  5. Would you rather have a $100 mp3 player now instead of a $400 iPod in six months?
  6. Do you have trouble staying awake to worry in the middle of the night?
  7. Do you relish the thought of living month to month and shifting money from account to account to survive?
  8. Do you think having a savings or an emergency fund is for wusses?
  9. Does stress give you a rush?
  10. Are cheap gadgets and meals out more important than your kids’ college education?

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions, congratulations! You are truly cut out for a life of living on the edge with credit cards.


3 Responses to “Are You Ready for a Credit Card?”

  1. Sound advice, padwan.

    Did you catch that Dave Ramsey’s show called us & we should be on next Friday afternoon between 3 & 4 to do our Freedom Friday Yell?

  2. Christina M says:

    Awesome!! Is this tv or radio?

  3. Radio. We’re supposed to be on between 3 and 4 EDT next Friday. They’re also supposed to send us the audio, which I will then put everywhere I can.

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