Simplify Laundry

Posted By on August 26, 2010

It was both a relief and a frustrating when I heard someone refer to a spot in their home as “Laundry Mountain.” A relief to know that someone else has the same term, and that I am not alone in the struggle; but a definite frustration to think that this struggle may be truly universal. Will I ever catch up?

Well, today I don’t have some magic cure for shrinking the mountain; but I do have a small tip to help keep future laundry a little more manageable. The three hamper system. Each room (at least those belonging to people old enough to do laundry) gets three hampers. Sounds like a lot, right? Sounds like a space hog. But it isn’t, if the three hampers nest. Stack the three hampers nested one in another in another, and use the top hamper as your laundry hamper. When it gets full, you separate the three hampers, and choose a color to wash. White? Ok. Put all the whites into one empty hamper and everything else into the other. Presto, you have a single load sorted and ready to wash, and the whole load gets put away in one room, so it is easier to put away as well. When you’re done, you have one hamper with your other clothes, one empty, and one just emptied when you washed. You nest them again, and they’re back to taking up the space of a single hamper.


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