God of the Universe

Posted By on October 9, 2014

I read this post today about the size of “space” and I really think it’s worth sharing. Go ahead, click on it and go read it. I’ll wait.

There. Aren’t you glad you took the time?

Here’s the thing: there may be many perspectives on the size of the earth, relative to the rest of space; but there are also many perspectives on what this information can mean to us. Scientifically, obviously, we can see all sorts of implications, not the least of which is the question of how far our current understanding of physics can take us. And then there are the obvious questions about whether this means there might be other life out there. I’m not going to speculate on either of these.

Rather, I want to take you on a journey into heaven. Or the heavens.

Has it ever occurred to you how big a God it takes to make something this astounding? For millenia, thinkers have asked the question: Did God invent us, or did we invent God? No matter how strong your faith is, if you have never at least acknowledged the question you are probably a rare person. Questioning doesn’t mean we have weak faith, it means we seek truth. Since I believe that God is the author of truth, I see no contradiction whatsoever. And I’ve never been disappointed. It seems ridiculous to me to think that everything I see could come into being by means of something else that came into being at the hands of something else that came into being, etc. The only way it makes any sense, logically, is there must have been a Creative Force that never came into being, that always was. So asking the Big Question about God isn’t scary to me as a believer, because logic backs up my faith, and my faith includes trust in God as the ultimate Truth.

But today, when I saw these pictures of this little tiny corner of space, my thoughts on the subject did, indeed, take on a new perspective. Not a new belief, but a new depth.  A God who can create the earth, and all I can see on earth and in heaven, is astounding. A God who can create the inner life of biology, a system that can maintain itself for this long, is truly awe-some. But a God who can create so much more than I can even imagine in that tiny corner, and a God who can create a universe where that genuinely unimaginable array is just a pinpoint….

This God is mind-boggling.

Then, to take it backward. Our earth is not even a fleck on that pinpoint in space. Our earth should be invisible. Here I am, a single organism on an invisible planet, right alongside you. And God sent His Son, Co-Creator of the universe, to be one of us. To rescue us.

Yes, you. Invisible you on an invisible planet in an invisible solar system in a corner of the universe tinier than that invisible one that teems with the unimaginable. He sent Jesus to you. And me.

The One who created all that considered us important enough to rescue us from the sin that we brought upon ourselves. That is love.


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