It Matters

Posted By on June 25, 2021

I was listening to a Christian radio station recently, and I heard a song in which the singer mentioned sinning and said “It doesn’t matter” because of salvation. I can’t remember the title of the song, or the group that sang it, so I can’t look up the exact lyrics, sorry.

Every time I turn on that particular station, the first or second song I hear has a doozy like that, that reminds me how far modern ideas of Christianity have descended. We can sin if we’re redeemed, and it doesn’t matter? Does sin have no consequence? I think that’s what many Christians believe, and what the radio station is willing to preach through the music they select.

The real question I think needs answering is this: what does redeem mean? To trade in, to shift the cost. When we say “redeemed” what we really mean is that the cost hasn’t changed, but has been shifted to someone else. When we sin, the cost has been shifted to Jesus.

To allow Jesus to take our punishment should be humbling. We don’t deserve it, and we know it is a huge burden He took so that we wouldn’t have to. To make light of future sin because it “doesn’t matter” is like a youngster taking the “emergency” credit card the parents supplied and saying “I can get what I want because it doesn’t cost anything.” Yeah, it costs. It just isn’t you who pays the price. It is the parent, who owns the account. It is Jesus, who pays the price.


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