Here’s a Campaign Promise I Can Believe

| July 9, 2008

Obama promises not to be moderate or act on the needs of the majority of the country.

The Death of Inconvenience

| June 27, 2008

Today I was greeted at the entrance to the store by a man seeking petition signatures to get items on the ballot. One of them was called “Death with dignity.” I cringe even thinking about what it means. “If you have any dignity, you’ll off yourself when you become inconvenient.” If that sounds cynical, ask […]

Here We Go A-Wasl-ing

| April 26, 2004

It’s that time of year again: the students in Washington State schools walk through their disrupted school days with the burden of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning on their shoulders. Dire warnings follow them about the need to pass the test and the importance of making their school look good. Every student must pass, […]

This time, conservatives want the state to get out of their bedrooms.

| February 10, 2004

Usually it is the Democrats who cry out over government intrusion into the bedroom. But some democrats, like Washington state representative Maralyn Chase, favor privacy only for liberal causes. The “Two or Fewer” bill she proposed upholds the Democratic and liberal perspective, so that invasion of privacy doesn’t count as a genuine invasion. The truth […]