| August 25, 2007

No, not mine. My Charming and Patient Husband continues to sweep me off my feet. What I want to ask is for prayers for people who are going through divorce. I know that divorce is a lamentable and destructive thing. I know that it hurts families and that many people view it far too lightly; […]

Thought for the Day

| August 24, 2007

Today, say a prayer for someone who already has strong faith. You never know what struggles they may not be telling.


| August 20, 2007

Next time you feel like losing hope because you are not in control, consider this:For some two thousand years, the Lord and Creator of the Universe has, daily, put Himself in the hands of human beings. Some of them receive Him unworthily; some even do worse, desecrating Him and committing other deplorable sacrileges. Yet day […]

Let Us Pray

| August 19, 2007

I’ve always been a strong proponent of prayer, and recently I realized that maybe I should put that quality in myself to good use and make a profit from it. Specifically, I was thinking maybe I could write prayer intentions for Oregon Catholic Press. So here, I offer a practice set of intentions, as an […]

Life’s Tough, and Then You Die

| August 15, 2007

Remember the phrase so popular in the 80’s? (Cleaned up a little, but still recognizable.) I liked it so much I translated it into French in high school. Around the same time, I used to wear a button that said “There is no gravity. The earth sucks.” And just what is wrong with life being […]

Faith and Prayer

| July 15, 2007

Stacey from Housewife in Flip-Flops made a good point in the comments that really got me thinking. She said: I have to wonder about people who say to do things, not just prayer. Prayer’s a fairly easy thing to do… you can do it while raising money for cancer research, driving to visit sick family […]

Prayer works

| July 10, 2007

A while ago, I asked for prayers for my five year old cousin, diagnosed with an extremely fast-growing and inoperable cancer. Someone calling himself “Cholo” urged us not to pray. He said to do something helpful instead, like preparing her for death. I think God will forgive me the slight smirk. Cholo, prayers DID prove […]

Faith moves mountains again

| June 15, 2007

This time it was the mountain of my own hardness. I owe a debt to BusyBeeMama for inspiring me. With all the hormones raging, with the depression issues only mostly under control, I find myself self-pitying sometimes. I’ve recently rehashed in my mind hurts that I received one and two years ago; I’ve looked at […]

How Many Angels Don’t Dance on the Head of a Pin?

| April 19, 2007

When we think of the infinite we think, of course, of God. But when we think of God, it can be easy to forget to think of half of the infinite. God is all-powerful; God is all-loving. Maybe God can make a rock so heavy He cannot lift it. (I like to think He can, […]

St. Grandma

| March 25, 2007

Please pray for the repose of my grandmother, Agnes, who passed away today. My most recent memory of her was a couple of years ago, when she and I were both visiting my mom. She had seen my sister’s freestanding toilet paper holder, and was so delighted that she decided to forego using her four-footed […]