Demand Truth in Advertising

| February 16, 2007

I’ve gotten fed up with the idea that “choice” requires that women be denied full disclosure about medical procedures, medications, how they work, and what their risks are. The condom, widely promoted as a deterrent to sexually transmitted diseases, does not prevent the most prevalent STD, Human Papilloma Virus. It also does not prevent Herpes, […]

Something to Ponder

| February 2, 2007

The majority of abortions are performed for the convenience of men, not for the convenience of women. Women suffer more of the emotional consequences. Women suffer all of the physical/health side effects. Women suffer the brunt of judgment. Yet it is men who pressure women to have abortions more often than not, to alleviate their […]

Let’s Call a Spayed a Spayed

| January 27, 2007

I’m sick of being called a fascist. Anyone else who is tired of being called a fascist merely for having opinions that differ with those of the far left, raise your hands. OK, now you’re in the stick-em-up pose they prefer from you. What really gets me about the word fascist is that it is […]

Who’s Really Benefitting?

| January 23, 2007

Dawn Eden, in her usual delight of words writes a brief exposition of the lyrics of a song, in “From Bed to Verse.” I highly recommend the read. In it, she describes a feminist discussion about the meaning of the song, being the way men use women. Dawn describes the ache of sleeping with a […]

New Sidebar Item

| January 22, 2007

Thanks to WardWideWeb who pointed me to it, and to Uncool Mommy for providing it. She’s looking for someone to help host the ticker, because it’s using a lot of her bandwidth. If you’re able, please click on the image and offer your help.

Gregoire vs. Conscience

| April 25, 2006

When a professional board endorses a professional rule for its own, it usually will get a fair hearing. That is, unless the rule is related in any way to child sex or abortion. Then, the government will step in offering opinions and legislative hurdles to ensure that child sex and abortion not only continue but […]

When we teach children that only some people count…

| March 7, 2006

… we can’t really be surprised when something like this happens. It seems that the number of teenage assaults on homeless people is growing. “It’s the perception that it’s someone insignificant that doesn’t matter,” said Emmanuel Smith, a counselor at the Pine Street Inn, a Boston homeless shelter. In the overwhelming number of cases, the […]

When a picture screams a thousand words

| January 27, 2006

Like my charming and patient husband, I had a look at pictures taken last week at the Walk for Life West Coast, which included a number of photos of counter protesters. True to form, Joel and I agree on the subject, but had somewhat different reactions to the pictures. He is pithier, but I tend […]

A Girl and Her Choice

| December 3, 2005

At National Review, Katherine Jean Lopez recently posted an article about a Supreme Court case regarding parental notification for abortion. Specifically, New Hampshire is coming under scrutiny, and the Family Research Council has filed an amicus brief. In this brief, the FRC does something we sometimes forget to do: gives a theoretical example of a […]

Just One Woman

| October 11, 2005

After reading through some of the accounts at Feminists for Life of women who have died from abortions, I could imagine defenders of abortion looking at the list of twelve names and shrugging. Twelve deaths are hardly an apocalypse, I can hear some voice saying. So a doctor made a mistake. It’s sad, yes; but […]