I have seen the harbingers.

Posted By on March 19, 2008

The harbingers of spring, that is: the yard on the corner is awash with crocus. A few days early, spring had the good grace to arrive before the Resurrection, certainly ready to celebrate His renewed life on Sunday.

I love the crocus. It is the flower of hope.

Now, if our cars would just give us some hope. We’ve had five or six car problems so far in the past two months, each one incapacitating a car. The money that was supposed to have paid off our bills ended up going to mechanical work, and now the truck is down again, and there is no money left. Several of the bill payments bounced, as it is.

I’m not stressing to the degree that I was a few months ago, but I still can’t help but wonder if someone is out to get us. It sounds paranoid, but how else do you explain that the moment (literally, the very moment, in some cases) we get one car repaired, another breaks down? And then the first one breaks again, and then the second.

Meanwhile, at least there is one positive thing about the situation: when walking on the errands, I see the crocus blossoms that refuse to believe that the weather is still cold.

Lord, please let us be able to make it to Mass for your Resurrection.


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