Truth doesn’t disappear.

Posted By on November 29, 2009

I like to be gentle most of the time. I don’t enjoy criticizing people, and I don’t base my love for people on whether they live perfectly. I am a sinner myself, so I’m in no position to withhold my love for others because of sin. But there are times when the truth needs to be said, and the truth isn’t always easy to hear. I don’t speak the truth because I hate you, but because I love you.

There is a truth. You know inside of you that there is. And you know with your depths that truth doesn’t change to suit what you believe. God doesn’t cease to be, or cease to care, just because you try to stop caring or believing. Like a parent, He misses you when you are gone. He loves you, and He is ready to welcome you back at any time. The only thing stopping you is your own reluctance.

There are many reasons for reluctance. For some, it is fear that God cannot love you because of your sins. That’s just a mistake. If God could only love the sin-free, He wouldn’t have allowed us freedom of choice. He loves you, no matter what. Just like I love Hyperlad when he breaks a window or steals a piece of candy… no, more so. He loves you so much more than a human mother loves her child.

For others, it is willfulness. You want to hang on to your sins, or your perspectives, or your lifestyle, and you think God gets in the way. No problem, just write Him out of the picture. The only problem is that by turning your back on Him, you can’t make Him go away. He still exists. He still cares. He still hurts over your stubbornness and rejection, and He still loves you unconditionally. You don’t like knowing that, because it makes you feel guilty to know that someone you chose to hurt loves you anyway. It would be easier if He would just turn His back on you; but He won’t. You can’t make Him stop caring about your well being just by not caring about Him. You can’t make Him approve of sin just by choosing an easier belief set.

For others it is a false worship of their own intelligence or choices. “I’ve made my choices, and it would be hypocritical to change my ways now.” But it’s false logic, really. We are not gods, and we will not be. You are not greater than the One who loves you and made you. And you are not greater than His love and forgiveness. Do you really think that you are so big that your decisions and thoughts can outweigh the Maker of the universe? Your sins are not bigger than His ability to forgive. He loves you, and will forgive you this very moment if you are ready to accept it.

You are, however, important and so very special. You are so important, so special, that you should receive and welcome every bit of love offered to you.

It is not too late. If you think it is, that is your enemy whispering in your ear. God loves you, and that is all there is too it. He does not love you conditionally, until you make a mistake. If that were the case, there would be no heaven, no believers, no love in the world. Do not turn away any longer!

If I’ve touched even a small part of your doubt, please whisper just this one tiny prayer under your breath. “Lord, show me Your love. Show me what You want me to see.”


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