A rant

Posted By on July 28, 2010

I’ve recently been “informed” by about half a dozen people who do not know each other, and in different settings and different contexts, that only liberals are smart, and that all conservatives are stupid, ignorant, and closed-minded. One person who had just accepted my help with some things then mentioned that “conservatives are all assholes.” Another informed me that all conservatives are closed-minded.

Anyone who would make the first statement is behaving like an asshole. Anyone who would make the second statement is being closed-minded.

I want to tell you something, and if you are an elitist, I hope you will listen. Elitism is not intelligence. Narcissism is not intelligence. Closed-mindedness is not intelligence.  And neither liberalism NOR conservatism precludes any of those traits. They are not intelligence, they are character flaws. And if you think that people on your side of the fence are incapable of being elitist, narcissistic, or closed-minded, it is probably a sign that you are all of the above.

Nobody is stupid because they are conservative or liberal. But anyone who thinks that ego equals intelligence is being stupid. And anyone who thinks that anyone who is different from them is closed-minded is closed-minded. If open-mindedness is important to them, they should rethink their positions about judging other people.


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  1. Shushan says:

    I’ve run into these attitudes many times as well. I absolutely agree with you!

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